Cantrell Computer Sales And Service: Serves Central Contra Costa County

We’ve moved! We are currently located at 2280 Diamond Blvd. Suite 165, Concord, California. Call us at 925-827-1200 for an appointment and instructions.

From IT services for businesses and individuals to the purchase of new and refurbished computers, we serve the needs of our East Bay Concord customers, including Martinez, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda and Pleasant Hill.

We can help you find the solution you need most if you wait:

  • Improve the performance of Root County IT systems.
  • Data security continues to back up
  • Computer networks for your business
  • Improve your current IT solutions
  • Moving and adding locations
    • Backup

    Few things in life can be more agonizing than finding out that your personal information has been corrupted or overwritten and someone doesn’t have a backup. Backup systems can be as simple or as complex as needed. CallLet Cantrell recommend the best cost-effective systems for your business.

    • Equipment new and refurbished

    We research and create systems to suit your application, style and budget. We understand that the last thing you can afford is to waste money. Before attempting a purchase, this is the best financial time to evaluate performance and make recommendations for refurbished and future devices. Ask about my “test drives” and rental options!

    • Security

    Are you afraid of a computer virus? Ransomware? Â We remove viruses, Trojans, rooting solutions and products, and spyware, leaving your important data and applications intact. In addition, if malware has corrupted the recovery of a working device, we make the accompanying hard reset process as convenient as possible. Get even more peace of mind by letting Cantrell personnel assess all threats.

    • Your service in the shop

    RegardlessWhether the computer is new or unattractive, sometimes your device can cause problems for a person. Â Before you throw away your existing PC, laptop, or Mac, let’s diagnose the problem. We’ll help you determine the most cost-effective recovery option: upgrade, restore, or buy new. Our award-winning repair shop can help you save money by repairing your IT devices and extending their lifespan.

    • Services on site and remote

    Cantrell offers onsite and remote services through your office to save you time, frustration and disruption. Emergency service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am. mr. until 6:00 pm Our technicians continue to be respectful and courteous, and you can call to discuss the number of service options you may need.

    • Refresh

    Is your computer running slower than you’d like? There are hardware developments that will improve performance and therefore increaserock service personal computer. Installing more memory (RAM) and upgrading to a solid state drive (SSD) are popular options. Options include a newer hard drive, a better graphics card, and a faster processor. Call to arrange a viewing! Let’s work with you when you need to determine upgrade options for your precious PC or Mac.

    One of the great things about Android is its customizability and flexibility. Android lets you use it the way customers want, whether it’s extending the launcher or setting up a host of automatic features unique to Tasker. But for some this will is not enough. You get almost complete control over the operating system you root Android on.

    What Is Rooting?

    While it may sound intimidating, rooting simply means accessing commands, system files, and places that are normally locked. Android rooting itself can be seen as an advertisement, a system suitable for the administrator, with much more freedom and risk associated with moreYour control over the deeper technical details of your device. For example, with great ability comes great responsibility and all!

    In order to add root to Android, you need to become root. This Linux feature may be familiar to you. So in many ways, you could consider this more restorative feature a feature that should have been around for a while!

    Users can install and run apps on rooted Android phones and tablets that require transaction privileges, bypass installed carrier software, and even remove malicious apps (because they are ignored to simply disable them). Using root is required even if you want to install trivial things like various custom fonts, and rooting Android also unlocks new features used by certain apps and launchers. Next

    The question is literally whether you should root Android or leave it as is sometimes. This is, of course, depends on personal preference, but there are compelling pros and cons.

    For some people, rooting Android in general is a kind of confirmation. You paid a commission for this device, so why not use it exactly the way someone wants? Especially if it means a cynical, unnecessary and harmful move. At the same time, it’s far from a secure status and a great sense of accomplishment when you root for the first time.

    One day, even if you know how to hold an Android, there are dangers. It will go wrong and there should be a small chance of messing with your device (it happened to me). Sure, it’s easier and safer with some devices than others, but if you’re not too sure about your tech wizardry, you can leave it alone. Also

    It should be noted that some applications and lineaments stop working as soon as you think about it. For example, banking applications often stop working due to a perceived security risk. Even Snapchat and Pokemon Go have rooting issues! Says it will probably also be accepted Steps to counter these restrictions, although your individual mileage may vary. As you probably already know, rooting usually means more work for your spouse, but it’s really fun!

    Injecting your own phone can open your primary device to more dangerous malware. Adam Siniki