100% Free RSS/Atom News Reader for Firefox

The Wizz RSS News Reader, is a very simple RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom news aggregator. It is an XUL application, implements as a Firefox extension and is absolutely 100% free of charge. Wizz RSS does NOT contain ANY spyware or adware.

For those who aren’t familiar with RSS, Atom and Podcasting, the following links might help to clarify the situation: –

  • What is RSS? by Mark Pilgrim
  • Introducing RSS by Rose Vines
  • What is Podcasting?
  • What is Atom?

The Wizz RSS extension works with Atom 0.3, Atom 1.0 and with all versions of RSS. It has been fully tested on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Linux (Mandrake 10.0) and Mac OSX 10.3.

  • Handles all versions of RSS
  • Handles all versions of Atom
  • Runs in a Firefox sidebar or in a separate window
  • Sidebar can be displayed on the left or the right
  • Integrates with Firefox feed handling
  • Easy adding of feeds using drag and drop
  • Preview feeds, before subscribing, by dragging and dropping a feed onto the item pane
  • Optionally preview feed content on the current tab or on a new tab
  • Optionally read all feeds in a folder with a single click
  • Hide or show read items
  • Open all unread items on new tabs
  • Has all of the usual feed reader ability to mark feeds as read/unread
  • Feed search functionality that only finds feeds with the correct mime type
  • Pretty comprehensive Podcast handling
  • Ability to save an enclosure
  • Ability to play a single enclosure or all enclosures using the default handler. i.e. In the case of mp3 enclosures, a single or all enclosures can be played through your default mp3 handler
  • All image enclosures can be rendered on a single page
  • Watch List for periodic monitoring of feeds (Not only does the Watch List monitor feeds, but it also automatically collects unread item locally which makes rereading the feed unnecessary)
  • Watch List can be used for automatic saving of unread items for very rudimentary offline reading
  • Ability to share feeds and/or items via email (SMTP authentication is not supported)
  • Includes very simple weather information for various parts of the world
  • Export or import feed list as OPML
  • Online feed storage for easy access to you feed list from other PCs
  • Publish your feeds on any Web page
  • And lots more!



I’ve put a feed database online at Feedbase. It currently has over 88 000 feeds in the database. For those of you looking for particular feeds, Feedbase might be a useful resource. For those of you looking for more exposure for your feeds, you are more than welcome to add them to the database.

Warning: You may also find loads of junk in feedbase!


Publish your Feeds

Free feeds for your Web site is now available. If you’d like to make use of the service, you can do so by clicking one of the links shown below. Feed publication has been updated to work with any version of Wizz RSS News Reader.

  • Old publication interface
  • New publication interface
  • Stand alone publication interface (Same as the new publication interface but it doesn’t require the use of Wizz RSS News Reader)
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