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    NaskoI only remember MS-6167 flashed the latest Bios Single and supports T-Bird up to 800MHz. But that was 2 weeks ago, who knows!

    But in any case, I doubt that this type of card will work up to 1 GHz, because it was originally designed for frequencies from 500 to 750 MHz before the new BIOS was released. Do you have

    However, I fixed the 6167 board with my K7-PRO (MSI-6195), which, like me, consistently supports faster processors. 6167 is usually very old and has also been replaced, out of production 6 months ago. So if you plan to use a full 1GHz SlotA, you are just creating problems. Hey, honestly, with such a cheap AMD processor, if it doesn’t work, throw it away . or maybe send it to me i will spend 50 dollars on it < /p>

    Athlon 500-500MHz
    Microstar 6167 (Athletic First Type 2xAGP board)
    Infineon 256MB PC133 CL2 (Mobo manages only 20GB PC100)
    Maxtor 7200 rpm
    Quantum Drive 10 GB, 5400 rpm
    DVD slot Pioneer 16x
    Matrox G400 Dual Head 32 MB
    Aureal Vortex2 Superquad
    Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900u

    FS: Promise cracked Fasttrak66 IDE RAID. Email if interested

    Hi, I’ve been following this forum for a long time, but I just created an account. I have some issues with the excellent AMD Athlon Slot A system, mostly the system is very unstable with AGP graphics cards. I read something about it on our internet and it seems to be a chipset issue but I want to ask here if I am wrong. Here’s how it goes: I launch the console and 10% of the time it probably doesn’t even reach the desktop just because it crashes.

    Sometimes I run 3DMark99 maybe 10 times on tape without crashing, sometimes it crashes after about two runs. 30 fine stitches.

    Is there anything I can do to fix the problem? It doesn’t start with every graphics card I’ve tried, but it happens with the vast majority of them. I found only 2 cards that clearly don’t crash the system and they are 3DFX Voodoo3 3000 and Matrox G450. I have tried several PCI video cards and none of them failed. Other AGP cards I’ve tried with this system have failed, including:
    PowerVR Kyro1, ATI Rage 128 Pro, ATI Radeon 7000VE, nVidia Riva TNT2 Pro, nVidia GeForce two Pro, GF2 MX400, GF2 MX200, GF4 MX400, GF4 MX440, GF4 Ti 4200 x 2 (one MSI, one Medion), GF 3 Ti200 , GeForce 256 SDR plus who knows what.
    All those screams and there was nothing I could do to control how often they would take each system with them.

    Motherboard: MSI MS-6167, AMD 750 NB, AMD 756 SB, latest BIOS.
    Processor: AMD Athlon K7MHz
    RAM: 650 3 x 256 MB PC133 CL3, one Kingston card, others normal. Tested with memtest in 4 passes, but no errors. Depending on the chipset, they operate at 100 MHz.
    Sound card: SB Live! 5.1(?) Value
    Hard drive: 40 GB Maxtor 7200 No speed, no idea what the name is. It has one 6.5 GB partition and another 32.7 GB partition. Main.
    Optical drives: 2x Asus RW, DVD master and slave on optional IDE.
    Network credit cards: something like AMD PCNET.
    More: VIA quad USB2 PCI card.

    Athlon Motherboard


    With USB, 2 PS/2 second port, 2 serial and 1 parallel steps, this board keeps cleanin the kind of “new” standard we’ve come to expect from motherboards. support this statement
    typically supports 5 PCI slots, 2 ISA slots (1 shared), and 1 AGP slot. For all practical purposes and
    If you rotate the CPU slot 180 degrees, it might be mistaken for BX.
    motherboard with chipset. Heck, it’s a bit more complex than most BX cards the way they are.
    The first trial follows the FIC for a good enough reason, providing USB upfront, but then increasing the initial rate to
    including front IR. The BIOS price complements it, just like this card.


    “Glossy”, i.e.
    The best way to describe this motherboard’s compatibility rating
    GI of course and a series of GT loaders, this board had no complaints when loading
    In terms of size, there are no foreseeable problems with this motherboard. must not be
    a problem even in the smallest ATX cases. The shoes come with a helpful instruction manual
    almost the bios is described in detail and some of the most important cryptic additional settings (nice to havethe opportunity to see one
    mobo developers are really describing something). Advice will definitely be like this and more fans in the headlines
    good when it comes to range.

    The CD included with this map contains
    Weird cake. They call it the “super package”.
    Wow! It controls the functionality of all other products, Acrobat Reader, VNC (low cost client for remote computing
    like PCAnywhere) and some others. Here is the weird part: a
    There is a “Browse CD” option and when you click on it you can open your E: drive using File Explorer…
    ok, but my cd drive is i:. Cheap things. Another oddity is that
    It appears to be Ultra66, a fantastic cable that is included but is not color-coded.
    Connectors should remain standard on most Ultra66 cables.

    I would say these are the biggest cons
    The motherboard should grow to the complete absence of information on the Microstar website about this board. v
    There are various BIOSes, but none of thoseinformation. What will be in the next BIOS
    Update ? I do not know. What are the answers to common problems? Who knows ?
    It’s a real shame because the card is better than some of the other options.
    yes, but this lack of information makes a reasonable comparison difficult. Gentle
    exam, right?

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