• If the Xbox Game Bar doesn’t appear while playing in full screen mode, try using keyboard shortcuts: press the Windows company logo key  + Alt + R to start recording a clip, then press media coverage to start recording stops again . You will encounter a flash screen at the beginning and end of the LP.

  • Troubleshooting Xbox Game Bar on Windows

  • If nothing happens when you press the Windows logo key  + G, check your Xbox Game Bar settings. Open the Start Menu and simply go to Settings > Games > Xbox Game Bar and make sure you turn on the Xbox Game Bar for things like recording gameplay video, chatting with friends, and receiving videos. “Game invites enabled.”

  • If the Xbox Game Bar isn’t showing up for full-screen sports, try using keyboard shortcuts: currently, press the Windows logo key  + Alt + R to start overwrite the clip, and press it again to stop it. You will see a flash when all entries start and end.

  • Troubleshooting Xbox Game Bar on Windows

    You can get the correct blank/blank spacebar at the top of the correct or maximized current screen window on a multi-monitor setup when the user profile is usually corrupted. In addition, enabled and displayed hardware acceleration of your current desktop applications may also cause the discussed error.

    The problem occurs after the user maximizes one window at a time in a multi-monitor setup, but there is a bar (or space) at the top of the window and the bar is not clickable. part of the user’s desktop, not in a maximized window. The issue is also frequently reported with Windows Server updates as well as desktop/laptops. Sometimes the problem occurs in one application or in several applications.

    Multiple monitors, blank window/ empty-Space-on-Top-of-Screen

    Before jumping into solutions to remove the white bar at the top of your screen, make sure your incredible system is not in tablet mode. Also, if the problem is related to a specific Discord app) (for example, if you are checking if opening the app in compatibility mode solves a specific problem. Also check if a device connected to a different port (or cable) solves the problem.


    The following workarounds are reported to fix the issue in the long term (hours to months):

    Solution 1: Change Advanced System Settings

    Some advanced system settings may affect the behavior of the top empty bar. In this context of deactivation, the appropriate parameters can solve the problem.

    1. Press the Windows key and look for advanced system settings.
      Open System Settings
    2. Then select “Show advanced system settings” and hence open “Performance settings”.
      Open performance settings in advanced system settings
    3. Now uncheck the Animate Window When Minimized And Maximized and Show Window Contents When Dragged.
      Disable display and animation of Windows content display in advanced system settings
    4. Now go back to the Apply/OK buttons and restart these computers to see if the deployment issue is resolved.
    5. If the setting is not set, check the current visuals for best overall performance in advanced system settings and therefore check if this solves the problemmu in general.

    You can also try if the current disabling of transparency in Windows 10 settings (Ease of Access >> Display) solves the display issue.

    Solution 2: Disable Certain App Readiness And SoftThinks Agent Services

    You may encounter bugs when one of the system companies interferes with the system display driver. In this dispute, the problem may be the disabling of problematic services.

    1. Click on the main dot in the windows and in the windows enter search services. Then right-click on the “Services” production and select “Run as administrator”.
      Open Services Administrator
    2. Now double-click the Application Readiness organization and expand the Launch Type drop-down menu.
      desktoplounge.com Lounge.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/3.-Open-App -Readiness-Service-220×150.jpg 220w”>
      Open App Service
    3. Now select the Disabled option and just click the Apply/OK button.
      Disable Readiness Service
    4. Repeat the same with the SoftThinks Agent Service to remove it. This service may only be available on a Dell computer.
    5. After weakening the services, restart your computer and check if the problem with the blank ad at the top is resolved.

    Solution 3: Remove Major Conflicting Apps

    You may encounter some kind of error if any of theBoth of these installed applications will cause the current dilemma. In this state of disabling or removing these applications, the problem can be reduced. DisplayFusion One refers to applications that are reported to be causing the specific issue.

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